Grad. Engineer of Architecture (Univ. of Belgrade) and Master of Architectural Lighting design (HS Wismar)
After obtaining specialized education in lighting in Germany and Sweden, Nebojša has been working in the lighting field in Serbia, Germany and Canada, focusing on lighting design, project management and sales. He is passionate about light and lighting and has created numerous interior and exterior lighting solutions for industrial halls, facades, shops and residences, as well as lighting master plans for large urban areas. He gained theoretical and practical knowledge of lighting techniques, lamps, luminaires, visual perception, daylight and electrical light physics, energy efficiency and environmental issues, lighting calculations, etc.



B.Sc. Electrical Engineering (Univ. of Belgrade)
Jasmina is an internationally experienced manager specialized in lighting, with a strong technical and commercial background and more than 15 years’ experience in project and sales, including for global high-profile customers. She has been working with Osram, Siteco, Siemens and General Electric, and has extensive experience in lighting design, turn-key project management, tailored value proposition models and project financial analysis. Jasmina is familiar with numerous lighting manufacturers and follows the latest trends in lighting, smart building solutions and energy efficiency.



B.Sc. Electrical Engineering (Univ. of Belgrade)
Željko specializes in HV and LV electrical installations and intelligent automation systems, with more than 20 years of experience in the Serbian market. He is a valuable consultant for any team dealing with complex electrical installations.



Logistics and administration